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Home Away From Home

Group Art Show

When it comes to being of Middle Eastern descent and living in the U.S., one’s life experience includes regularly facing varying degrees of prejudice and discrimination. While these people feel grounded and a sense of belonging in their homes where their identities and cultures are very much alive, they are forced to confront feelings of otherness when they step outside whether it’s through receiving judgmental glances, harsh words or physical violence. With eyes on the outside, Middle Easterners who live in other parts of the world experience these struggles indirectly; feeling an instinctive connection to those in the U.S., they are affected by what they see and hear on the news or social media. "Home Away From Home" exhibits original work by artists of Middle Eastern descent living in the U.S. and abroad who attempt to explore themes of underrepresentation, isolation and racism while navigating the physical and emotional disconnect between themselves, their cultures and the places they call home.​

Show curated by Shirene Soleiman.

     Anticipated Important Dates:

  • Julian Peña Gallery                                                           

  • Group Art Show : Home Away From Home Curated by Shirene Soleiman

  • By Appointment : Sun. Feb. 28, 2021 - Thurs. Mar. 4, 2021

  • Public Show : Thurs. Aug. 5, 2021 - Fri. Sep. 24, 2021

  •    Opening Night : 6PM-8PM Thu, Aug. 5, 2021 

  •    Thursday Artwalks : 6PM-8PM Thurs. Aug. 5 + 12, 2021 

  •    Closing Night : 2PM-7PM Fri Sep. 24, 2021 


  • Julian Peña Gallery

  • 1633 Bellevue Ave, Suite C Seattle, WA 98122 (206) 745-0211  



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Julian Peña Gallery collaborates with nonprofit Represent Resonate Resource aka aRRRt to empower under-represented/resourced artists.  DONATE your support today!

Julian Peña Gallery and opening show Connections were featured with nonprofit Represent Resonate Resource aka aRRRt  in Seattle Met Magazine including the artists; Wakuda, The Chaotic Aquatic aka Ariel Parrow, AfroSPK, Iva Trifonova, and Julian Peña.

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What do we believe in & what are our goals?

Julian Peña Gallery exhibits contemporary artworks by under-represented artists to local and international patrons through unique arts engagement experiences developing and deepening connections between artists, patrons, and their community. 

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We are located in the epicenter of Capitol Hill, surrounded by many restaurants, shops, and urban residences. There are various parking garages and parallel parking spots on Bellevue Ave. Easiest way to access this space is to walk there. Bathrooms are accessible with key entry through the Capitol Steps Apartment building on Bellevue Avenue. We are located near Sushi Maki and City Market.

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We are located at 1633 Bellevue Ave, Suite C, Seattle, WA 98122 (Capitol Hill).

Phone Number (206) 745-0211

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