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Creativity, Inclusivity, and Community are three core values cultivated at this gallery, art incubator, and atelier art space we call Julian Peña Gallery.  It is a place where art is accessible to anyone, with opportunities to engage more closely with under-represented artists-in-residence. 


Embracing "Big art, small space," the Capitol Hill community and beyond, are invited to engage, support, and contribute toward arts & culture through exhibitions, artist dialogues, and programs in collaboration with aRRRt to empower, educate, and resource artists.


The gallery offers new arts and artist engagement opportunities, and equitable representation for under-represented artists from traditionally under-resourced ethnicities, women, first or second generation immigrants, and members of the LGBTQ community.  Julian Peña Gallery collaborates with nonprofit a/RRR/t to empower under-rep/res artists.

Through public access, artist dialogues, art shows, residencies, creativity, art installations, community outreach, and of course art, we contribute with the community to Seattle's artistic culture, from our beautiful cozy space.

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Julian Peña Gallery

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An interactive, 360 view of the interior of Julian Peña Gallery.

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Empowering traditionally under-resourced and underrepresented artists with the power of art and community.

Julian Peña Gallery supports its artists professional development while bridging the gap between art and the local community. By incubating the artists’ studio practice in our space, the artists have many opportunities of growth. Artists here conduct workshops to teach art techniques to the community. We offer art, print, and maker equipment to local artists so financial limitations do not hinder their creative potential. We invite you all to come view our artists at work! Julian Peña Gallery collaborates with nonprofit a/RRR/t to maximize artists’ potential.

Image by Krists Luhaers

Explore how this small space creates big art by accessing the Community ART Calendar.

Either scan QR codes printed on literature or click a link to access the Community Art Calendar maintained by Julian Peña Gallery.


Browse scheduled Artist at Work days, book private studio tours, art workshops, and engage other art opportunities.


We want to show how a small space like this can hold so many innovative ideas and be shared with the community! 

Nonprofit aRRRt collaborates with Julian Peña Gallery to empower under-represented/resourced artists. Visit the community aRRRt calendar.

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