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Brenda Bryan
Drac in the Box
Wood, Cloth, Thread, Paint and Meta

A Jack-in-the-Box gone wrong. Or for Vlad the Impaler, the original Dracula, perhaps a fitting punishment. Never can he rest, as he is destined forever to be awakened in his coffin every time someone opens the latch and lifts the lid. Vlad’s coffin and attire reference traditional Transylvanian folk art and costume.

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brenda bryan
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Brenda Bryan loves working three dimensionally. She is inspired by nature, lore, and the avant-garde. Brenda often uses obscure historical references in her work and researches every piece to create a story behind her work. Her work is created using mixed media including sewing, weaving, painting and constructing whatever is needed to tell the story with texture, layers and dimension.

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