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The Chaotic Aquatic


Ariel Parrow



Acrylic house paint on recycled wood

Triptych  6.5' x 7.5'

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courtesy of TIDE ARTS

Interspiring Intraexploration :

Engaging Space Art Connections

Increasingly, technological advances develop new opportunities for art and curiosity to collaboratively fuel our desire to explore spaces around us, both near, far, big, and small.  From Sci-Fi comic books to 3D-printing, imagination, innovation, and art continue to inspire our collective spacǝearth consciousness, by sparking dialogues about what it means to be human with inter and intra universal connections.  


Visual art is adept at creating accessible platforms for all ages, languages, and cultures, to engage new discoveries and possibilities, by providing shared and multi-experiential focal points for curiosity.  The Julian Peña Gallery leverages the translative power of both metaphorical and literal "Big Art, Small Space" juxtapositions to increase access for under-resourced/represented artists engaging current and next generations of creative makers, explorers, and enthusiasts, by exhibiting artworks that cultivate community and invite viewers to consider their potential contribution as a member of humanity's connected journey.


Interspiring Intraexploration : Engaging Space Art Connections exhibits Connection, a large-scale artwork by local artist The Chaotic Aquatic aka Ariel Parrow, depicting a solitary space explorer bursting through a starry sky, reaching future-forward, propelled by the momentum of human curiosity.  Viewers are instantly and equitably invited to imagine themselves as the unidentifiable brave explorer venturing into the unknown.  Individually, and together, we all experience the revolutionizing effects of discoveries made on earth and beyond.  Connection encourages viewers to personalize the existential questions exploration of spaces by humans raise.  What are the trajectories and velocity of our ventures both near and far?  How do inventive, creative, and exploratory endeavors affect the human condition?  What do we feel when we think about our place in spaces?  Who are we becoming individually and collectively while exploring spaces together, alone?


Profound paradoxes persist between tech and art disciplines, diverging as much as they align and intersect, at avenues of experiences and expressions of life's encounters.  Connection captures the tension of "now," that pulls innovators from both tech and art worlds, between what existed yesterday, and what is possible tomorrow, as evidenced in Connection's re-purposing of accessible everyday objects and mediums into an expansive exploratory space.  What valuable connections are explored between ourselves and our surroundings, when we view closet doors transformed by an artist into a gateway to symbolic commentary about our place in spaces?  When are the transformative and translatory powers of art also natural alchemy and vice versa?  How are the resulting values of our self and co-determined engagement of spaces, like art materials, only limited by the expanse and expression of our imaginations?  Many of the tools and materials inventors and artists have wielded over the centuries while innovating, have been elegant in their simplicity.  A ruler, a paint brush with pigment, a prism's properties viewed from a fresh perspective.  The transformation of tangibly accessible concepts and objects, into profound artworks and existential discoveries, connects the envelope pushing courageous curiosity practiced by masters of both disciplines.


Nature continues to teach us that earth is simultaneously a serenely sublime and violently volatile place, entropy in the scale of everything.  Connection exemplifies The Chaotic Aquatic's aspiration to create art evoking the complexity of emotions that experiencing life involves.  What emotions will you encounter when you view art about exploring spaces together, alone?  What new questions and ideas will spark from your experience?  How will you be interspired to intraexplore the space art Connection?

ABOUT creating Connection

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Exploring an allegorical Svalbard vault of divergent stories, 

The Chaotic Aquatic examines extraordinary and everyday experiences; randomness and intentionality, romance and heartbreak, boredom and wonder, as intriguing “seed” muses for intuiting eerily insightful compositions.  


Embarking upon conceptual and creative journeys beyond the surface of things into the equitable vastness of outer space and an individual’s emotional inner-space, to discover the impermanent, indelible, and rippling impacts of catalytic encounters, The Chaotic Aquatic’s cosmically themed works suspend entropy; CONNECTION 's instinctual desire for contact on large scale, magnifies nature’s irrepressible kinetic flux, and alluding to the inspiration for her artist moniker.


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