Esra_Ebru_When I listened to you and onl

Esra Ebru
When I listened to you and only you, 2021
Oil & oil pastels on canvas 30" x 30"



Esra Ebru
When I traveled fast and far, 2021
Oil on canvas
18" x 20"


Esra_Ebru_When I traveled fast and far_2021_Oil on canvas_18x20 in - Ebru Esra copy.jpeg
Esra_Ebru_Flesh, velvet, fire_2020_44x33 in - Ebru Esra copy.jpeg

Esra Ebru
Flesh, velvet, fire, 2020
Oil on linen 44" x 33"


esra ebru
Ebru Esra_edited.jpg
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Esra Ebru (b. 1983) is a Turkish painter and artist from Istanbul, based in the USA. Ebru creates autobiographical narrative paintings that resemble a continuous journal entry. Her paintings feature a singular central character, often herself, gazing back at the audience. Exploring themes of solitude, nature, and the self, her work reveals the expansiveness of identity. Due to her background in acting and theater, Ebru paints with a heightened sense of shapeshifting, conjuring new characters with vibrant colors and details and building a world of palpable intimacy. Esra received her BFA in Acting and Playwriting at Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle in 2009. In 2016-17 she studied Classical Figure Painting at the distinguished Florence Academy of Art in Florence, Italy.

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