Free Land, A Hill Alive ; 

Capitol Hill Confluence of Culture + Community + Change 

Free Land, A Hill Alive ; 

Capitol Hill Confluence of Culture + Community + Change 



You're invited to consider a fresh opportunity to encourage under-represented/resourced next-gen artists, especially Native American, to express their creativity and reflections on land acknowledgement and/or Capitol Hill's past, present, and imagined future, through submission of original artworks for this exhibition concept created in tandem with Julian Peña Gallery developing its land acknowledgement to honor the Duwamish (Dkhw'Duw'Absh) tribe.


Julian Peña Gallery, a Real Rent Duwamish (Dkhw'Duw'Absh) contributing supporter, and Lichten Springs Historical Landmark petition signer, welcomes free virtual submissions of all-ages-appropriate artwork made by artists ages 14 - 24 with traditional and/or non-traditional techniques of any original, prior non-copyrighted content, in any medium, with incorporation of indigenous language(s) encouraged if your own, ie;

  • 2D

  • 3D

  • digital

  • VR/360

  • storytelling

  • maps

  • walking guide

  • photo

  • video

  • mixed media

  • oral history interview

  • poetry

  • audio

  • dance

  • singing

  • music recording

  • poster

  • theatre

  • jewelry

  • pottery

  • weaving

  • puppetry

  • fiber

  • comedy

  • podcast

  • clothing design

  • packaging design

  • landscape design

  • website design

  • app design

  • illumination

  • robotics

  • comics

  • essay

All work must be created during 2020 on the general theme of land acknowledgement and/or Capitol Hill's past, present, and imagined future, created by next generation artists between the ages of 14-24, especially if affiliated officially and informally with tribes historically residing on or near Duwamish (Dkhw'Duw'Absh) land referred to additionally today as Capitol Hill, Seattle, WA, for exhibition consideration in a public art show slated opening First Thursday Artwalk December 3rd, 2020 - December 31st, 2020 with the title, 

"Free Land, A Hill Alive ; Capitol Hill Confluence of Culture, Community, and Change"  


Due to the very intimate size of the gallery, the show will be predominantly virtual, with ALL entries submitted through the online form only, slated to go live starting Thursday July 2, 2020.  Thank you for not submitting entries via other means, ie; no email, post, or drop-off, unless the gallery formally requests a physical submission after selection. 


  • Only original works designed and created by the participating artists will be accepted, ie; commercially produced prints of original works are not accepted. 

  • Due to the virtual jury selection process, the submission form accepts only urls to images and/or an online folder containing images, vs. submitting images as attachments.  Instructions for how to create url links and online folders for free are on the submission form page. 

  • First the gallery agreement form is submitted to generate a unique Artist ID# for anonymizing the jurying process, then an artwork description form is submitted for each individual artwork entry.  Save form answers into an offline document as you go, to avoid any data loss while submitting forms online. 

  • The filename for each image must follow this naming format:  ArtistID#_Title_Dimensions_Medium_Price_1  ....the price in a whole number without any punctuation, ie; no periods, commas, dollar signs, and the "1" at the end of the file title indicating it's the first image of an artwork, as a "2" would indicate it's a second image of the same artwork.   


All Artists retain the common-law copyright to their original Artwork(s), including all reproduction rights, and the right to claim statutory copyright.  The Gallery may reproduce the artwork(s) in educational non-commercial brochures, newsletters, marketing and documentation of the show, with photos limited to reasonable, proportional representation of the work as exhibited.  All artists retain 75% commission on works sold, and are responsible for coordinating any framing/shipping/handling with patrons directly without the gallery's involvement nor compensation or reimbursement.  Artists ages 14-17 years old require a legal guardian to consent, submit artwork on their behalf, process payments, and coordinate aforementioned framing/shipping/handling.  Signing off on waivers and agreements with typed legal name, email, and phone number will be considered legal consent.  The artist/guardian is responsible to pay all state sales taxes and report income to the IRS, ie; the gallery is not liable fo any unpaid taxes on artist commission(s).   After the exhibition ends, the purchase function on the website will forward patrons to contact artists/guardians directly to purchase unsold artworks independently without any gallery commission or involvement.  

Email communique is utilized almost exclusively to streamline administrative bandwidth while the gallery is currently closed to the public ie; at this time do not message, call, text, or visit the gallery without a prior appointment confirmed via email.  Jurying is blind by anonymous jurors selecting diverse works created with a variety of mediums and techniques by professional arts administrators with collective youth arts exhibition experience spanning decades as teaching artists and administrators of city, regional, and nationally funded and competitively awarded art programs/projects educating predominantly under-represented/resourced next-generation artists including Native Americans.

     Anticipated Important Dates:

  • Final Submission Deadline :  Wednesday November 25th, 2020 12pm PST

  • Selections Notifications:  Rolling as submissions received, Final = Wednesday November 25th, 2020 12pm PST

  • Show Opens : First Thursday Artwalk December 3rd, 2020 TBD PST

  • Show Continues :  Second Thursday Capitol Hill Artwalk December 10, 2020 TBD PST

  • Show Closes :  Thursday, December 31st, 2020 TBD PST