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Jordan Christianson
Water Game
Acrylic, Silicone, Paper and Water
Approx. 4x6”
$20 each

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Jordan Christianson
Frank + Rocky
Cotton, Rayon, Acrylic and Polyfil
Approx. 5x18”
$45 each

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Jordan Christianson
Color Sticks

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Jordan Christianson
Poop Shoot
Wood, Plastic, Felt and Metal Bearings

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Jordan Christianson
Dick Pick
Claw Machine Game
Acrylic, Spandex, Polyfil, Metal and LED
Approx. 12x8x10”

Jordan Christianson
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A Pacific Northwest native and active member of it’s unique entertainment and design community, Jordan’s work has been featured Internationally in galleries and museums, on stages, pages, and screens. He’s Couturier to world-renowned performers; multi-media artist and illustrator; a surface, graphic, and Product designer; sculptor and fabricator; personal and editorial stylist; Columnist, Producer, Curator, Organizer, Activist; poly-phasic sleeper, really loves bar trivia, and is a general dandy man-about-town.