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Kimisha Turner

Universal Intelligence


Carbon Sugar Crystals, 24kt Gold Leaf, Metal Leaf, Seashell, Epoxy Resin on Canvas

24"x 30"


Universal Intelligence Audio StatementKimisha Turner
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Sugar crystals made from my parent’s ashes are formed to create the familiar shape of a woman’s vulva, a geode and when looked at it from the side, a human eye. The eye is the door to the soul. The geode represents the woman’s womb. The vulva is the literal door to the Universe. This piece represents the feminine connection in all of us to something bigger. The beauty and respect we should be giving to our feminine side or counterparts. The womb provided our safe development and entry into the world, something that should be honored. When we go within, as in accessing our third eye, we find peace and stillness that allows us to connect to ourselves which brings us closer to the Universe/Earth/God/Goddess. Here, my ancestors were used as the seeds to grow these crystals. A few life cycles within a cycle, sealed in resin, to create a relic to honor them and us. 

Kimisha Turner

Reflected on the Lily


Carbon Sugar Crystals, Seashells, Mirrored & Abalone Tile w/ Epoxy Resin on Wood

16" x 12"


Reflections on the Lily Audio StatementKimisha Turner
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In the swampy mucky muck grow beautiful lotuses, marigolds and water Lillies. These amazingly gorgeous and resilient flowers defy their environment and dare to blossom regardless. My ancestors had their moments of resilience and passed them on to me. I therefore pass them on to my child. The reflection is a reminder to tap into the roots you are given by the creator/ your creators to hold steady, be present and bloom where you are. Using my ancestors ashes to grow crystals for the lilipad and onto the shells that make up the flower further infuses the "depths" of this valuable life lesson.





Seattle native, Perri Rhoden, is an Abstract Mixed Media Artist and Muralist. She is inspired by color, texture, and dramatic lighting found in nature and media. Her art is representative of her personal experiences, inspirational Black women, and her manifestations of feminine energy captured on canvas. 


Her current creative techniques combine stylistic lines, patterns, and organic shapes on canvas, using graphite, fabric, feathers, color pencil, lace, watercolor, acrylic, and gold leaf to create layered dimensional patterns reminiscent of textile design. 


Her passions for community, mentoring youth, and experiences in Seattle’s non-profit sector speak to her dedication to preserving Seattle’s arts and culture. She has worked with several local nonprofit organizations and schools to lead art programs, art classes, and as well in the development sector. 


Currently she is emerging in the public art sector as a muralist. She has both permanent and temporary art installations in Ballard, Downtown Seattle, and the Central District. More information about these projects are detailed on her website. 


Perri Rhoden’s studio art has been on display at galleries and theatres throughout the Greater Seattle Area. Locations such as The Group Health Foundation, 101 Gallery, Onyx Gallery, Vermillion, Theatre Schmeater, and Theatre Battery in Kent.  As well as local businesses including Tougo Coffee, The Station Coffee Shop, and the Hillmancity Collaboratory. 

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