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War in the Middle-East, 2019
Resin/Texture/Acrylic on canvas

This beautiful painting portraits the unpleasant war in the Middle East. The flowers along the side represent the artists of the land creating beauty in each direction. The few flowers that’s left in the vase is symbolic of the lost lives. The material used in the background portraits the prolonged droughts with dry and cracked soil indicating that survival of life is precious!


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I am an Iranian Artist with a degree in Interior Design from the University of Arts in Tehran. I have practiced in this field for over 20 years. My passion for design helps me create different paintings. I use different materials and mediums to develop unique wall arts. I inspire  to teach and share my methods to everyone who likes to be an Artist. In past years, I worked with different companies such as William Group.

Marzy Rahrovi_Bio Pic.jpeg