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This holiday season, the Julian Peña Gallery opens an exhibition so unique and experiential that, in fact, it can also be described as an immersion. “Misfits Toy Box,” running from December 2021 to January 2022, is a gallery takeover in the form of a toy store brought to you by the multi-talented minds behind “PINK HALLOWEEN” and “MIDNIGHT CHILDREN.” Anouk Rawkson is a Mexican American Seattle-based artist who is known for the bold, strong strokes and elusive symbols in his work as well as for bringing together diverse groups of artists who work in different media. PNW native Jordan Christianson wears many hats from fashion designer to editorial stylist and sculptor, and his work has been featured on screens, stages, pages and in art spaces; he brings creative, unique ideas to life in the spirit of play. In the midst of the holiday season often throwing us in the deep end of overwhelmingly heightened senses (bright lights, crowded malls, etc.), Anouk and Jordan are giving us an exciting opportunity to find ourselves in a different world. From candies featuring the show logo to the gallery space being filled with the welcoming scent of gingerbread cookies, we are invited to submerge ourselves in youthful escapism. “Misfits Toy Box'' will also feature unique pieces by Anouk and Jordan as well as work by a variety of other artists. During a time in our history that’s filled with noise and chaos and where we are constantly told to grow up and grow up fast, we look forward to getting lost in a sea of pleasant sights and senses as Anouk and Jordan remind us to reawaken the inner child within us and invite some lightness and playfulness into our lives.

Group Artshow :  MISFITS TOY BOX

By Appointment : Thurs. Dec. 2, 2021 - Wed. Dec. 8, 2021
Public Show : Thurs. Dec. 9, 2021 - Fri. Jan. 28, 2022
Opening Night : 6-8PM Dec. 9, 2021 during the Capitol Hill Art Walk
Closing Night : 2-7PM Fri. Jan. 28, 2022

Curators for misfits toy box

anouk rawkson
Website - www.rawkson.com/
Instagram - @RAWKSON


Jordan Christianson
website - www.jonquilandblack.com/
instagram - @jonquilandblack

MISFITS TOY BOX Playlist via Spotify, Curated by Shirene Soleiman


  • sport that face mask like the graffiti artist you know you is inside!

  • 120 feet of big art in a small SPACE fits two humans max, unless you're a family / couple / groups.

  • bring headphones with cell phone to listen to music and artists' audio! 


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Saira Barbaric

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Aaron Lafferty


Anouk Rawkson


Jordan Christianson

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Travis Ritter


Matt Christianson

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Brenda Bryan



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Brandon Vosika

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