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RebelDog Studio
aka Kree Arvanitas

Kree Arvanitas

Holy Pelicans, 2020

Mixed Media on Canvas

24" x 36"


Based on an iconic Catholic meme of the Holy Mother Church feeding her children, I thought about the disastrous pollution of plastic devastating our ocean bird population. In my painting, the mother pelican devotedly feeds her children from the plastic pouring out of her body. The symbolism of garbage in-garbage out reminds me both of the need for physical and metaphysical healing.


Kree Arvanitas

Damn Swan, 2019

Acrylic on Canvas

18" x 24"


The legend of Leda being raped by the god Zeus in the guise of a swan was a popular motif in Classical paintings and beyond. Zeus' shenanigans invariably led to a portrait of Leda in a voluptuous, swooning surrender to her bestial defiler. In my version, Leda has her #MeToo moment – revenge art at its best!


Kree Arvanitas

Maenad, 2014

Acrylic Paint Over Print on Canvas



Maenad is the end product of a henna body art collaboration I did with a wonderful Greek photographer named Spiros Kakouris, and a beautiful model, Danae Gouris. Danae's modeling was so dynamic it inspired me to hearken back to Ancient Greece and the annual secret rituals of Greek women who belonged to the cult of Dionysus. Four days of drugs, sex and rocknroll with women only! Thus the "shhhhh" not to reveal - Hapless men who attempted to spy were promptly sacrificed – as the traces of blood on the wall and boot attest to.

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Kree Arvanitas is a mixed-media artist based in Seattle. An autodidact, she has been illustrating or drawing since childhood.


Using primarily acrylic, mixed media, found objects, altered photographs and collage, she juxtaposes odd concepts, often mixing various styles and historical periods, acrylic, gouache, fabric, found objects. Color, detail, fragmented patterns, dreamscapes, anachronism, humorous cues and a healthy dose of irony are the tools she uses to explore human nature.


Kree's interest in environmental preservation and planetary degradation is reflected frequently in her paintings, along with intimations of gender, power and human liberation. She frequently uses surreal, fantastical or mythological elements to express these ecodystopian themes.


Kree’s work has appeared in a variety of media, including on NY Times best-seller “Tiger’s Saga” series, several online art and fashion magazines and a book on paperclay. Most recently her work graces the cover a new book by scholar and author Sima Shakhsari, "The Politics of Rightful Killing: Civil Society, Gender, and Sexuality in Weblogistan" published by Duke University Press.


Kree is a member of CoCA (Center On Contemporary Art) Seattle and A/NT Gallery in Seattle, Washington. She shows frequently in local galleries and hopes to expand opportunities to exhibit and study.