Artist Statement

Having attachments and strong ties in different distant places in the world, brings about hardship in unexpected ways that can amplify feeling homesick and isolated. In this short video, apart from the distorted quality imagery and the display of time difference, through sounds of local radio news, telephones ringing, and music, we can feel a certain nostalgia that resonates the same feelings of homesickness and isolation.

Allo, 2006

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Sanam Khani graduated from the University of British Columbia majoring in Visual Fine Arts. She was born in Paris, has lived in Missouri, USA as a child, and grew up in Vancouver Canada. Having also lived and worked in the middle east for nearly twelve years as an adult and having travelled throughout Europe and North America, she has been exposed to different cultures and ways of life in different economic and social conditions. Such experiences have helped her further develop her artistic style using different mediums including photography, short films, and oil paintings. Sanam’s art has been displayed in different galleries in Vancouver, Iran, and Qatar.

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