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Travis Ritter
Sivart Styles Paper Dolls
Pencil and Watercolor on Printed Cardstock
8.5 x 11"

My grandmother played with paper dolls as a child, and collected them throughout her life. I was a boy who played with dolls. Sivart Styles is an expression and extension of myself and the kinds of things I'm comfortable wearing. Paper dolls are a wonderful way give lifeless characters a bit of personality and identity through outfits. It's simple, tactile, and it's free to interpretation. Once cut, the dolls act as a blank canvas on the backside for you to recreate your own dolls expressions and styles of clothing. Be who you want to be. You can be anything.

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Travis ritter
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Travis Ritter is a Seattle-based multidisciplinary, self-taught mixed media artist, writer, and record collector, working primarily in collage and watercolor with pre-computer graphic art tools. Although he has been making art, zines, and other paper ephemera for most of his life, he only began showing his visual work in 2017. He has shown work in at Ghost Gallery, The Factory, Party Hat, Cloud Gallery, and The Alice, and St. John's. He has also designed many concert/DJ flyers, as well as LP record sleeves and inserts.

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